The World Needs Your Gifts

My passion is expressing my creative gifts and sharing them with the world, and helping other creative and soulful women do the same!

Watercolor brushes on a paint box

As a writer and artist who spent many years in high-tech, I understand how painful it is to put off your creative expression until “someday”: after the kids are grown; when you retire; when you have “enough” time and money.

Creativity is a deep calling to express your meaningful experiences in your own, unique way. When something matters that deeply to you, and you don’t give it the attention it deserves, you’re not as fully present as you are meant to be.

Creative people are original; trying to fit in to the status quo is stifling and starves the soul. It’s like wearing shoes that are way too tight for your feet. It’s not only painful, it keeps you from taking the journey only you can take: the path of authenticity.

It’s time to manifest your creative dreamsFountain pen sitting on paper

You have a vision: to paint what you see, to write what you know, to photograph the beauty of the world.

Expressing your unique vision–through a musical instrument, the potter’s wheel, or any other way–is a gift to others. It expands our perspectives, makes us think, and brings us beauty. We want you to bring your gifts into the world!

Live your full potential

Living your authentic life means expressing all the valuable parts of who you are: a parent, a professional, and a vibrant, creative being.

Typewriter with paperSo if you know it’s time to make a real change, but old habits or fears are tripping you up, and you’re looking for insight, support, and accountability for the commitments you make to yourself, you’ve come to the right place. I help you:

  • go deeper in your vision
  • tap into your inspiration
  • get clear about your direction and goals
  • design a roadmap for your journey
  • identify and move past roadblocks
  • stay on your path
  • reach your destination

Our work together focuses on where you are now, where you want to be, and how to bridge the gap.

Sign with arrow labeled PURPOSEWhat would you create if you had the support you needed?